Welcome to CASE Online™ your curriculum and assessment system for CASE coursework. This system provides students and teachers an online method to communicate while completing coursework and share course assignments and assessments.

To use the system, first time users must register to create a login.
  • Students will need an enrollment key provided by their teacher in order to register.
  • Teachers will need to enter their FFA Chapter number in the “School Code” box (if you do not have a FFA Chapter number please contact support@case4learning.org).

Please have this information ready prior to registration. Remember to save your user name and password that you will create in a safe place so future access will be quicker.

Welcome to CASE Online! In response to teachers' requests for a paperless approach to implementing CASE, CASE Online was developed. CASE Online features four major components for implementing CASE curriculum in your classroom including an online student version of the curriculum, student assignment submission portal, national End-of-Course assessments, and an internal test generator for the teacher to create exams.

CASE Online is a fee-based system that provides teachers with student accounts. Student account rates range within $8.00-$15.00 each depending on quantity ordered. CASE funding states (GA, IN, IA, KY, LA, MD, MN, MO, NJ, PA, TX) receive a special discounted rate. State and regional block pricing will be available to reduce per student account costs further.

 Open Rate

  School Rate Structure*  


 Funding State Rate


 Annual Price 


 Annual Price 


 $15.00 per account


 $13.50 per account





State and Regional Block Pricing

        Tier 1          250 - 500 users        $11/user       

  Tier 2          501 - 750 users        $10/user

Tier 3          751 - 1000 users      $9/user

Tier 4          1000+ users             $8/user


*Rates are based on per student per course

Looking to order CASE Online and want help getting started? Check out the CASE Online Getting Started Guide.

Find out more about CASE Online features using the following links:

Students have 24-hour assess to the online curriculum materials for the course in which they are enrolled. Students can view lesson specifics and related PowerPoints(R). In addition, students can download APP documents and complete assignments. Students can also submit assignments to their teacher via the online submission portal, thus reducing the need for paper copies in the classroom.

Teachers have the ability to disable lessons to prevent students from working too far ahead in order to keep them focused on current instruction-

Listing of lesson documents with the ability to download documents in Word(R) or PDF formats for students to complete-
Students can upload assignments to portal that will file all uploaded assignments into one folder per assignment for teachers to review and grade easily-
Open assessment database and secure national assessments are available and organized for teacher easy accessibility.

Students are granted four attempts to complete the national CASE End-of-Course assessment. Teachers can use the attempts how they choose. Four attempts will provide the opportunity to establish a pre-test/post-test program with an extra chance for successful completion if a student is short of a cut score level. Teachers have access to performance metrics and a certificate of completion is automatically generated for each student that successfully attains or surpasses the national cut score.
Teachers will have access to an open bank of test questions to develop their own online exam for quarter or midterm exams, quizzes, or lesson tests. Teachers can choose questions from the database according to the concepts they wish to test. This testing feature provides teachers flexibility for testing content while providing the ease of delivery and grading.

Students and teachers can see test attempts and a log of past scores is kept. Access to national exams are password protected. Teachers can choose when to allow students access to EoC assessments and may use attempts as pre-test or post-test. Two different versions of the assessments are provided to the teacher. Both versions assess the same concepts using different questions.

Teachers also have the ability to download results including various testing metrics for their students. Student results can be compared against national results.The system randomizes question responses to minimize student unwarranted collaboration on the exam.
Testing reports can be filtered by concept, question type, and standard alignment-
A certificate is automatically generated once the student meets the national cut score-

Teachers have the abilitity to create online tests for quizzes, lesson exams, and miterms whenever they need. CASE writers provide test database that can sort by concept, type of question, and standards alignment-

Several options are available for teachers to customize testing features for generated exams-

Students can keep track of their attemps for all assessment in simple report-


National End-of-Course Assessment Data Report (2014-2015)

Assessment Name Total Questions Attempted Users EoC Cut Score (%) Average Grade (%)
AFNR EoC15A 43 183 75 59.34
AFNR EoC 15B 43 48 64.95
ASP EoC14A 42 125 75 49.79
ASP EoC14B 42 97 44.67
ASA EoC14A 45 314 75 61.16
ASA EoC14B 47 170 60.27
APB EoC15A 40 71 70 66.84
APB EoC15B 41 45 71.58

All courses in which data has been collected are listed.
Use the following information to facilitate CASE Online in the classroom. For additional help, contact support@case4learning.org.